Principles message:

Each year we start a new academic year full of optimism, wishing for a prosperous and productive year. In our 30 years of giving, we have always emphasized our commitment to working together to achieve the message that education is an effective tool in the process of social and economic development to build a generation capable of achieving all aspirations and expectations.

The focus is on building, strengthening the spirit of cooperation, teaching the values of work, and instilling tolerance towards all changes, technological developments, and a wide range of challenge. We’re committed to creating a vision and message that reaches out to our students, to achieve all present and future goals.

Al Bassaer Private School always seeks to achieve the student’s quality of life and well-being through an effective educational environment that stimulates learning, in which a creative student is prepared scientifically and properly, to be able to face the challenges of times, and this is done under the supervision and guidance of a selection of qualified and competent teachers who have the ability to deal with the student’s psychological and academic needs, as well as with modern technologies through the effective social participation framework system, focusing on goals and identifying priorities that need to be developed to reach our goal.

School history

Al Bassaer Private School was established in 1991, and it is located in Al Sharqan, Sharjah. Al Bassaer Private School is launched through an educational vision of the Ministry of Education, through which we seek to achieve national and international standards and to develop cl ear strategies that are consistent with the policy of the Ministry of Education in direct to improve the quality of life for students. The school adopts the principle of differentiated education where learning is provided to all students regardless of level of their skills (teaching students with different abilities in the same class) adopt appropriate plans that are flexible, adaptable and changeable to challenges (digital transformation) and COVID-19. School focuses on goals and identification of trends and priorities that need to be developed.

Developing performance and creating favorable conditions for innovation in accordance with global digital standards. The school adopts the ministerial curriculum and the British curriculum for the English language. The school is keen to direct all academic, educational and administrative activities to improve outcomes and achieve the satisfaction of all  parties in proportion to the current time. The school is interested in providing an attractive educational environment that employs modern technologies, achieves security and safety; The school seeks to build an integrated supportive partnership with parents and the local community to develop performance and improve outcomes.

Vision and Mission


To lead with innovative education for a global knowledge society.


Building and managing an innovative educational system for a knowledge society with a global competitiveness that includes all ages and ensuring the quality of the Ministry of Education and providing services to internal and external customers.

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Citizenship and Responsibility: Promoting national identity and social responsibility. Principles and values ​​of Islam: Emphasizing human values ​​in tolerance, peace and volunteer work. Commitment and Transparency: Commitment to professionalism and transparency in performance. Participation and accountability: commitment to community partnership in the educational process and accountability. Equality and justice: equal educational opportunities for all. Science, Technology and Innovation: Stimulating human and institutional towards science, technology and innovation.

Health and safety

Health and safety

A simplified explanation of corona virus Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.

How does corona virus transfer?

What are the symptoms of the disease?

Guidelines to prevent infection

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